Industry Skills Councils

About Industry Skills Councils

Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) have been established to:

  • provide independent industry-led advice to the government through the South Australian Skills Commission (the Commission) on skills and workforce development
  • assist in the collection and analysis of industry intelligence to support government decision-making in training funding and delivery
  • create, develop and maintain strong links with business and regional industry stakeholders through regular engagement activities
  • provide an efficient and effective source for the Department for Education and other Government agencies to gather workforce industry intelligence and engage with Industry on skills policy needs.

The Government has appointed nearly 100 voluntary members from industry, businesses and peak bodies representing a broad range of industry sectors, that are critical to the South Australian economy including:

  • Agribusiness, Food & Wine/Beverages
  • Construction, Mining and Energy
  • Creative Industries, Business, ICT and Cybersecurity
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Health, Disability, Aged Care, Community Services and Early Childhood
  • Tourism, Retail, Hospitality and Services
  • Transport and Manufacturing

To find out how you can engage with the Commission or the relevant Industry Skills Council, please call 1800 006 488 or email