VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year

The VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year award recognises innovation and excellence by a trainer or teacher providing nationally recognised training to students at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), or in partnership with an RTO. This award is proudly sponsored by SkyCity.

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Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be a qualified teacher/trainer (as determined by the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015) who is employed by an RTO or regularly contracted by an RTO
  • have delivered training during the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022*, which has led or will lead to nationally recognised qualifications or Statements of Attainment under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • be endorsed by the RTO and provide evidence of your qualification/s to be submitted with the nomination, and
  • nominate in the state or territory where you are delivering training
  • be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.

2023 state winners of this category are automatically nominated for the Australian Training Awards.

*As determined by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Preparing your application

Section A: Overview

This information will not be considered or used for judging purposes, but it may be used as your summary throughout the Awards process.

Provide an overview of your areas of expertise, qualifications, courses/classes taught, education and work background, a description of the environment in which you operate and any specific challenges you encountered and may have had to overcome during the course of teaching/training.

(limit: 300 words)

Section B: Applicants will be judged against the following criteria

  • Criterion 1: Excellence and initiatives
  • Criterion 2: Learner needs and focus
  • Criterion 3: Commitment to VET teaching and learning
  • Criterion 4: Links with industry and community

Addressing the criteria

When developing your application against the award criteria, you may wish to take into account some of the considerations outlined on this page.


  • involvement you have had in the development of new learning methodologies and training delivery
  • describe an initiative you have implemented which has led to innovation/improvement in your delivery and/or assessment practice
  • how you have shared the outcomes of your innovation/improvement with your colleagues
  • the impact of these initiatives/improvements on your learners, colleagues and industry partners

(limit: 600 words)


  • how you support the diverse needs of your learners and ensure they continue to be engaged in their learning journey
  • what evidence there is of the effectiveness of the design and delivery methodologies of your training program
  • providing examples of where you have initiated a new idea/activity etc in response to feedback
  • providing examples of the learner/industry/community feedback mechanisms you use.

(limit: 600 words)


  • how you maintain and grow your skills and knowledge
  • how you support others to develop their skills and knowledge
  • providing examples of your engagement with other VET professionals.

(limit: 600 words)


  • how are active links with industry and the community implemented in practice
  • the major issues confronting the industry(s) your program engages with
  • how can VET help address these issues
  • the level of engagement do you have with industry and professional bodies
  • how you promote VET in industry and the community

(limit: 600 words)

Up to five (5) single sided A4 page attachments are permitted, with each attachment to be provided at a 100 per cent ratio, one document per page. Attachments can be a letter, certificate, qualification, written reference from your employer and/or lecturer, testimonial or photograph etc. They can add real value to your application and support you to evidence your success.

Attachments must be referenced in your application. No multimedia items or discs will be accepted, and any material exceeding the maximum number of attachments (5) will not be considered.

Hear from Bhu Chung, the 2022 Trainer of the Year

Applications have now closed for the 2023 South Australian Training Awards

  • 17 April 2023 - Applications open
  • 11 June 2023 - Applications close 6pm
  • July 2023 - Judging
  • 21 September 2023 - South Australian Training Awards celebration event
  • 17 November 2023 - Australian Training Awards presentation event (Hobart)