Small Employer of the Year

The Small Employer of the Year award, sponsored by Maxima, recognises a small enterprise that has achieved excellence in the provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

Nationally recognised training refers to training based on a national training package or accredited course which results in a person receiving a formal qualification or Statement of Attainment issued by an RTO. This includes Australian apprenticeships.

"My special area of interest is retaining talent in the hospitality industry with a personalised approach to elevate existing training for team members, especially in the areas of financial control and accountability, negotiation and people management skills and strategy."

Emily Raven, My Kingdom for a Horse

2021 Winner, Small Employer of the Year.

How can we be involved?

If you're eligible for this award then you can register on the SA Training Awards platform and complete your nomination before 15 May.

To be eligible for the Small Employer of the Year you need to be an organisation that employs 99 or fewer full time equivalent staff and delivers nationally recognised vocational education and training to their employees that leads to formal qualifications or Statements of Attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The South Australian Training Awards accepts joint applications from:

  • a partnership between a single Host Employer and a single Group Training Organisation
  • Host Employers or Group Training Organisations who nominate for the award are required to have their partner agree to the nomination
  • Employers must nominate for the relevant award in the state or territory where their head office is located

Nominations will not be accepted from organisations whose core business is the delivery of vocational education and training (these organisations may consider nominating for either the Small Training Provider or Large Training Provider of the Year categories).

2022 state winners of this category are nominated to enter a shortlisting process for the Australian Training Awards.

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First you'll need to create an account and register on the SA Training Awards platform.

Then there is a simple written application process which lets you showcase your organisation by responding to and addressing each of the selection criteria. Your application is only assessed on your skills and achievements but you'll also be asked to provide a brief overview to be used as a summary of your organisation.

Once applications close, the judging panel will access and independently judge all applications. The Awards Executive Officer will notify shortlisted applicants of their success and invite them to a final interview.

Find out more

  • 7 March 2022 - Applications open
  • March / April 2022 - Information session
  • 15 May 2022 - Applications close
  • 25 August - Awards Recognition event
  • 18 November - Australian Training Awards presentation event (Adelaide)

Key to the success of maintaining a strong and committed team are the three components that form My Kingdom for a Horse’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practice across three areas:

  • employment and training
  • waste management
  • community and social engagement

Within this framework, people-values form the cornerstone of how the business is perceived not only by the customer, but by the people that work in the business.

Addressing the selection criteria

In your application, you must present information in a way that clearly addresses the award criteria. This information will be considered and used for shortlisting and judging purposes. Please be aware that your responses to the criteria will be strengthened by including measurable results and appropriate indicators, including customer satisfaction data and other types of external validation.

If you are nominating as a joint partnership, the responses to the selection criteria must only be based on work jointly completed and achievements jointly accomplished by both organisations. The details below will give you an overview of what the judges will be looking for.

Section A: Business Summary

Provide a brief description of your business, including the products or services that you offer and any major milestones you have achieved.

This information will not be considered or used for judging purposes, but it may be used as your summary throughout the Awards process.

Your answer in this section will be limited to 500 words.

Section B: Applicants will be judged against the following criteria

We want to know more about your organisations achievements that make it an excellent candidate for Small Employer of the Year. You'll be asked to provide answers to these key areas:

  • Extent and quality of training for employees
  • Achievements of the business and its employees that can be attributed to training
  • Innovation and excellence in design and delivery of training

Your answers to these sections will be limited to 800 words each.

Supporting documents

Up to ten (10) single A4 page attachments are permitted, with each attachment to be provided at a 100 per cent ratio, one document per page. Attachments must be referenced in your application. No multimedia items or discs will be accepted, and any material exceeding the maximum number of attachments (10) will not be considered.

See the selection criteria

See each of the selection criteria and a few thought-starters to consider when writing your responses.

Extent and quality of training for employees


  • your involvement in designing training specifically for your business, either alone or in partnership with training organisations
  • the qualifications or courses that your employees are undertaking
  • the percentage of your employees who are actively engaged in training
  • hours per month (average) that your employees spend in training
  • how you integrate on-the-job and off-the-job training
  • how you commit to equity in training such as for employees who are from groups that are under-represented in employment, education and training (such as people with disabilities, indigenous people, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people in older age groups, people living in remote areas)
Achievements of the business and its employees that can be attributed to training


  • how training has improved the productivity and well-being of your employees (briefly describe the personal training achievements of a few of your staff)
  • how training has improved your relationships with clients
  • how training has improved the productivity and profitability of your business
  • how you measure the benefits of training
  • how training will improve your business in the future
  • how training is integrated into business planning
Innovation and excellence in design and delivery of training


  • details of creativity, innovation and excellence in the design, development and delivery of training for your employees
  • innovative methods that you use to create positive relationships or partnerships with others to enhance the effectiveness of your training
  • innovative approaches that you use to encourage access to training for your employees (e.g., Mentoring, e-learning, collaborative learning)