2022 SATA School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year Finalists

Congratulations to all 2022 South Australian Training Awards Finalists

Meet all of the finalists in the School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year category for the 2022 South Australian Training Awards – what an inspiring group of individuals!

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The 2022 School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year category is proudly sponsored by the Department for Education.

Nicolas Delo

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade

Attends Henley High School

Trained by TAFE SA

Employer BAE Systems Maritime Australia

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Nicolas is currently in his second year as a school-based apprentice with BAE Systems Maritime Australia.

By getting into an apprenticeship at an early age, Nicolas has been able to connect with and learn from people at the highest level of their trade.

He says his school-based apprenticeship has provided him and his workmates with an early step through the door of defence and shipbuilding in Australia.

“My school-based apprenticeship has provided me with the best early career move I can think of,” Nicolas says.

“It is also incredible to know that I am a part of an industry that has decades of work to come, and it has made my last year of school a lot less stressful.”

“Furthermore, being a second-year apprentice, I understand that learning all the basics first are vital to a successful career and moving forward too quickly can cause a lack of focus and overconfidence when completing practical tasks.”

Nicolas believes that promoting and spreading the word about school-based apprenticeships is vital for students like him – those who want to get into a career pathway early on in life and gather a greater understanding of how things work practically.

“School-based apprenticeships like mine also provide the freedom of changing into different types of metal work throughout the apprenticeship and in the field of engineering, there are hundreds of options to choose from.”

Rebecca Hlinak

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade

Attends St Patrick's Technical College

Trained by TAFE SA

Employed by BAE Systems Maritime Australia

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Rebecca is currently studying Year 12 at St Patrick’s Technical College while also attending TAFE SA and studying a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication and working (as a 1st year apprentice) at BAE Systems Ship Building at Osborne.

“I got to the place I am today, by my ‘can do’ attitude and work ethic,” Rebecca says.

“Taking opportunities when they arise and having the confidence to pursue my dream, no matter what obstacles I encounter.”

Rebecca says her family inspired her to start her apprenticeship and taught her that a good work ethic and hard work does pay off.

“It is a great honour and privilege working for a world-renowned global company knowing that I am assisting in the construction of Australia’s newest Hunter Class Frigate that will be protecting not only our borders, but assisting in the security of our nation and our allies for the future.”

Rebecca’s aim for the future is to complete her apprenticeship and come out of it with a wealth of knowledge and that she hopes will help her secure a position back at BAE Systems Maritime Australia, working on the Hunter Class Frigate for the duration of the project.

Rebecca also intends to gain a forklift licence, complete all welding qualifications, and go back to TAFE to do a Certificate IV in Engineering – Fabrication.

“My long-term aspiration is to be one of the few women to gain a Team Leader role within the company.”

Priscilla Muderhwa

Certificate III in Retail

Attends Salisbury East High School

Trained by KFC RTO

Employed by KFC

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Priscilla is currently studying Year 11 at Salisbury East High School. On top of school, Priscilla also balances completing a traineeship at KFC with undertaking a VET course – a Certificate III Health Service Assistant (HSA).

Priscilla has been working at KFC Salisbury for two years.

“When I started working, I only wanted to know how they made such good chicken,” Priscilla says.

“Since then, I have learnt so much from my time working at KFC.”

Priscilla hopes to study Midwifery at Flinders University once she graduates high school.

“I just love working with children and I love newborns. To see new life brings me joy.”

“I genuinely want to be successful, work in a great hospital, create a nice environment, and build friendships.”

“I know hospitals can be a bit scary sometimes, so I also want to provide the patients with a positive experience.”

“I have gotten to where I am today by working hard, being consistent, growing confidence and seizing all opportunities.”

“I am very lucky to have been nominated for the Training Awards and I am so happy that I have had such an amazing opportunity.”

Sakina Qambari

Certificate III Hospitality - Front of House

Attends Renmark High School

Trained by TAFE SA

Employed by Renmark Club

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Sakina is currently studying Year 11 at Renmark High School, while also working at Renmark Club and undertaking a Certificate III in Hospitality.

Having migrated to Australia with her family from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Sakina remembers when her family first walked into their three-bedroom home.

“My older brother asked my Mum “when are the two families moving in?”.

“This was because in Pakistan and Afghanistan, one room was considered a house for a family, so my brother assumed that we were going to be doing the same thing here in Australia.”

“I remember to this day feeling excited and in complete awe when we found out the whole house was ours.”

Sakina’s journey progressed when she was employed by the Renmark Club and was offered the opportunity to complete a traineeship.

“To get to where I am today, it has required the support of many people and mentors especially when it came to decision making.”

“Despite all the hardships and challenges, I faced, I believe every second was worth it and I have never regretted my choices.”

Having only worked in the hospitality industry for a year and a half, Sakina is still exploring her options, however, would like to continue gaining more experience in different sectors of the hospitality industry so she can be better exposed to the opportunities that come with it.