South Australian Micro-credentials

Important Notice:

The Micro-credential Pilot Program (Pilot), which commenced in late 2020, concluded on 30 June 2023. As part of the Pilot, the South Australian Skills Commission has considered 66 applications and endorsed 36. We appreciate the effort of applicants in preparing applications and the support for the Micro-credentials Pilot Program. No further applications for endorsement will be considered by the South Australian Skills Commission (Commission).
As an alternative to endorsement by the Commission, accreditation of micro- credentials may be sought through the pathway of a nationally accredited course. Skills SA can provide advice on applying to ASQA and course accreditation. Please contact Skills SA for further information about this option. Proponents quarterly reporting requirements on micro-credentials endorsed by the Commission are required to continue to the end of the term of endorsement as per the Pilot guidelines.

Businesses and industries in South Australia have shorter, bespoke courses formally recognised through the business-led micro-credentials pilot program that has been in place since late 2020. The outcomes of the pilot program will inform how South Australia shapes future vocational education and training pathways to meet emerging industry skills needs.


A micro-credential is shorter than a qualification and certifies the learning of a defined set of skills, knowledge and attributes through a bite-sized course. It provides businesses with flexibility to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and the labour market.

Micro-credentials increasingly play a role in a range of settings, including work readiness, upskilling and reskilling, transitioning workers, and supporting people to gain additional skills and knowledge outside of their qualifications. They provide an opportunity for workers to engage in lifelong learning through shorter training opportunities as they progress through their career.

Employers benefit from their staff undertaking timely and targeted training that addresses current or future skills needs identified by industry, while individuals gain a recognised credential that can help them to get a job, change jobs, develop their career, and work towards a full qualification.

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South Australian Skills Commission Endorsement principles

A South Australian Skills Commission endorsed micro-credential provides businesses and individuals with confidence that the course can deliver the contemporary skills required by industry.

South Australian Skills Commission Endorsement is determined based on the course’s alignment with the following five principles:

  1. An industry-recognised skills gap that cannot be met through current nationally accredited training systems.
  2. Certification of a person’s learning outcomes, including skills and competencies that reflect elements of licensing and other regulatory requirements (local, national and international) or contemporary industry practices.
  3. Assessment of learning outcomes include core transferable skills and core job-specific skills required for job roles as identified by industry.
  4. Supports people to adapt to changing job roles and workplaces, and/or to transition to a new industry.
  5. Supports pathways between the school, vocational education and higher education sectors, and can provide a pathway to accredited courses.

All micro-credentials include a statement of purpose, learning outcomes and evidence of current or anticipated need by industry, employers or the community.

The outcomes and impact of the program are subject to evaluation at the end of the pilot.