Support for Students

South Australia provides a quality education and training system with many great courses available that can help you on your way to achieving your career goals.

For course and career information, visit Skilled Careers or Support for startups to explore programs to build your skills and support new business ventures in South Australia.

You must understand your enrolment agreement terms and conditions prior to enrolling in any formal training arrangement. This will then ensure that you can make informed decisions about your study and assist you to have a positive learning experience.

The enrolment agreement agreed to by both a training provider and a student. Your provider should also advise how to access their Student Handbook and or student-related policies and procedures.

We can help you understand your enrolment agreement before you commence your training or at any time during your course of study. So keep a copy of your agreement!

Contact us if you have questions about the terms and conditions of your study, your study experience or if you need advice or assistance to resolve an issue, such as:

  • Course fees, refunds or study loans.
  • Managing your training where the provider may be under a partnership agreement with another organisation to deliver the course.
  • Accessing support services.
  • Academic matters including assessment processes, access to feedback or work placement arrangements required as part of the qualification.
  • Access to your provider's internal complaints handling process or access to other relevant complaints handling bodies.

Prior to lodging a complaint, we encourage you to speak to your education provider in the first instance to resolve the issues. If you are dissatisfied with the decision made by your provider, you can approach the student services for support and ask about the complaints and appeals process. Generally you must exhaust the providers internal complaints and appeals process before activating an external appeal. You may contact our office for assistance about your options.

If you have a complaint about your education provider because you believe they may not have met to the terms and conditions of the enrolment agreement or their policies, which may include:

  • Fees and refunds.
  • Cancellation of enrolment.
  • Finding suitable work placement as a requirement within the course.
  • Course or provider transfer.

Contact us for more information on 1800 006 488 or lodge a dispute via our online form.

  • We will review the details of the complaint and supporting evidence regarding the claims and determine whether or not the matter falls within our jurisdiction.
  • We may request additional information from you to assist you with your complaint.
  • We may refer your matter to a more appropriate agency/another responsible jurisdiction.

Lodge a complaint here

  • We will contact you to discuss the best course of action to resolve your matter.
  • We may refer you to your provider's internal complaints handling process or access to other relevant complaints handling bodies.
  • We may seek your signed consent to approach the provider to:
    • clarify the issues you have raised and to discuss the available options or
    • negotiate with the provider on your behalf or
    • mediate between you and your provider in a matter.

We are not authorised to provide legal advice or overturn a provider's decision made according to their enrolment agreement or policies. We can only take actions where it falls within our jurisdiction.

Useful resources

Finding a registered course / provider - There are thousands of courses available to international students studying in South Australia. To find a registered international education institution, visit the national register.

The National Careers Institute – is an Australian Government platform for people access to an authoritative and accurate careers information.

What can I expect from my provider? To support you toward the successful completion of your study, there are national standards that must be met by your training provider. These relate to course marketing, education agents and monitoring your course attendance and academic progress.

Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) – The national regulator for Registered Training Organisation.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) – Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.

Unique Student Identifier – An individual education number that gives you access to an online record of your training records.

My Training – contains general information about subsided training in South Australia.