Congratulations Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor

2022 South Australian Training Awards Vocational Student of the Year

Proudly sponsored by Statewide Group Training (SA).

Certificate II in Electrotechnology

Trained by PEER

School Burra Community High School

About Madison

Maddy is a rural student completing her Year 12 studies at Burra Community School.

Last year, her VET coordinator encouraged students at her school to pick up a trade if they were interested in trying an apprenticeship in the near future.

“This was quite difficult as we lived two hours away from Adelaide and required someone to teach on site,” Maddy says.

“I advocated for the school to find a trade program which could be run in the local area, providing all students with the opportunity to complete a trade.”

“I was interested in becoming an electrician, so the school contacted PEER and they agreed to teach the trade at our school within our workshop each week.”

“My VET coordinator first inspired me as he said that this would encourage the community to break the stigma around women working in the trade industry.”

“He knew that I wasn’t interested in the subjects at school and pushed for me to be able to complete this course.”

“I was also inspired by Mum and Dad who had told me many stories about females successfully working in industries.”

Maddy’s future aspirations consist of completing her Year 12 studies and obtaining an apprenticeship.

“I’ve had offers from companies who are willing to take on a female apprentice with my current certificate.”

“I would like to have the opportunity to start up my own electrical business in Burra, as people could then have constant access to a local electrician.”