Congratulations Olympic Dam Apprenticeship Induction Program (ODAIP)

Olympic Dam Apprenticeship Induction Program (ODAIP)

2022 South Australian Training Awards Industry Collaboration winner

Proudly sponsored by Hessel Group.

Collaboration partners:

  • PEER
  • BHP Olympic Dam

About the Olympic Dam Apprenticeship Induction Program

When BHP reviewed the Olympic Dam induction training program, they identified a need to create closer alignment of skills training to their workforce plans, improve the work readiness of their apprentices, and implement a ‘train to retain’ model. However, their requirements were not met by existing programs and many organisations were unable to fulfil their unique training needs.

BHP’s operating context and location at Olympic Dam site presented specific challenges to program development. BHP wanted apprentices to be team players, able to communicate effectively across teams and confident to discuss safety issues as well as have significant work-related skills. They preferred apprentices to be trained on-site to minimise disruption to attend trade school. Finally, they wanted the program to work for apprentices from five different trades.

In 2020-21, PEER and BHP leveraged their trusted relationship to push the boundaries of standard practice of training and skills development and design by implementing the Olympic Dam Apprenticeship Induction Program.

PEER used a human centred design process and worked closely with the Asset Training team to meet all requirements. PEER incorporated a combination of accredited and unaccredited training with content contextualised to BHP’s operations, including BHP policies and procedures and a strong focus on safety.

PEER tailored the training for BHP’s needs and flexibility with sequencing so BHP could move sessions to meet operating requirements. Training mirrored the mine operation’s schedule of 12-hour shifts, seven-days on and seven-off, leading to work ready apprentices, who fit into the normal Olympic Dam operational routine.